NMSCares First Deafestival on May 19-21, 2017

NMSCares First Deafestival on May 19-21, 2017


Visit our website deafestival.nms-cares.org

Our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/NMSCaresDeafFestival


– Santiago B. Ramos III

The first ever Deaf Festival  will be happening on May 19 – 21, 2017. This will be the first time New Media Services Cares will hold this event. I was surprised that this will be the first ever Deaf Festival. Their tagline is, of course, “Creating a Community that Deafinitely Cares”. The New Media Services really care about the Deaf and Hearing. This festival would be a great idea because we are gathering the Deaf and Hearing as one community. Our aim for the festival is to promote the said communities. To be honest, I’m really anticipated to be part of the first Deaf Festival. I want to see those smiles on the faces of Deaf and Hearing people. We need to stop the misconceptions and promote camaraderie for both Hearing and Deaf community by breaking the communication barriers and understanding each other’s culture. Here are some questions to be asked: Did you make fun of someone because of their disabilities? Do you easily judge a person? Have you ever let them showcase their talents? Why not give them a second chance? You may be wondering or reflecting through these questions. A Deaf person can be bullied because of loneliness, depression, not able to hear the surroundings around them, being sensitive to loud noises, can’t listen to their favorite music, and also watch movies and televisions. If the deaf were to watch news on televisions without an interpreter, how can they be updated what’s happening to the world? Anyways, the pre-events happening before the Deaf Festival, Losing Your Heart, E-Sports and tons more. Losing Your Heart is a speed dating including dinner and also a Dating auction. The E-Sports will conduct its Dota tournament at TheNet.Com (TNC). These are just some of the pre event that NMS-Cares will be conducting before the main show at the Deaf Festival on May 19 – 21 2017 during that NMS-Cares will have another exciting events lined up, events like film screening and Film festival awards ceremony, Cook off, workshops and seminars for Deaf and other PWD , an art gallery showcasing Deaf Artist, Breaking the noise a cultural nights of events like Deaf Got talent, Fashion show and Rock for a Cause (Battle of the bands Finals) and many more are lined up!.

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