Press Release: NMSC Goes on Deaf School Visits

Press Release: NMSC Goes on Deaf School Visits

As NMS Cares fast tracks its mission to fully committing its services and resources for Deaf learners of the local community, a crucial step to its long term goal of fully advocating for less privileged young Deaf individuals all throughout the Asia Pacific, members of the organization went on a series of school visits that cater to Deaf Learners as part of its information dissemination efforts.



The organization visited three schools within Baguio City namely, Baguio School for the Deaf, the Special Education Department of Easter College and SLRI Deaf Resource Center. NMSC also trekked all the way to La Trinidad, Benguet to visit the Benguet SPED Center.

The organization’s representatives met up with school heads, teachers, and Deaf students mainly to share, inform and, explain the advocacy of NMSC.


Moreover, General Manager Ara Paz Esperanza explained in an interview, “Other than information dissemination, NMS Cares would like to create a positive synergy among active advocates in the field of Deaf education.”
The school visits also gave an opportunity for NMSC’s International Relations Officer Max Eyking, a chance to interact with the Deaf learners of the local community. Being an integral part of the organization’s DREAM Program (Deaf Recreational Engagement Activity Movement), Max will be spearheading all NMSC physical and/or recreational projects during his 6-month stay in the country upon his return in November.


An opportunity to communicate directly with the people involved in the education of young Deaf individuals is pivotal as it allows NMS Cares to have an unrestricted view and understanding of the current situation of Deaf education in the local community.