Press Release: NMS CARES INC formally introduced to the public

Press Release: NMS CARES INC formally introduced to the public

August 4, 2014, Baguio City – Following its official registration as a non-stock corporation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, NMS Cares Inc. was formally introduced to the local community in a successful social gathering last August 2, 2014 at the Crown Legacy Hotel in Baguio City.




The event was attended by city government leaders, active advocates for the Deaf and of PWD’s, Special Education school heads and teachers, parents of Deaf learners and eager participants from the community. Staying true to its vision to make Deaf children reach their dreams, key members of the NMS Cares team, headed by founder Martin Eyking delivered a slew of presentations showcasing the brief history of the organization, its inner workings, and their plans for the future.



Pictured here are some of the New Media Services Pty. Ltd. staff who are also active members of the organization, with Philippine CEO of NMS Atty. Rafael Nacionales, Australia CEO of NMS and NMS Cares founder Martin Eyking, Hon. Councillor Betty Lourdes Tabanda and PEZA Administrator Atty. Rene Mipa.

Martin Eyking was quoted during his opening speech at the event as saying,

Our aims and dreams are huge, we have many ideas and plans. We are building NMS Cares with clear directions and short term goals; they include a dedicated building for NMS cares to serve the needs of the Deaf community as well as delivering IT programs for young Deaf learners and Signing workshops for the parents.


The gathering was punctuated by an on point delivery of General Manager Ara Paz Esperanza Villanueva on the current state of Deafness, both internationally and locally, with information from the World Health Organization. Her presentation also put a spotlight on the current programs being run by the organization, as well as short-term and long term plans, which include Parents of Newborn Deaf Babies Support Structure and a Visiting Teacher for the Deaf Service.
NMS Cares ended the event by assuring the attendants that the organization will continue to make it their mission to provide all the support they can give for the young Deaf learners of the local community, and of their families.