Seed Scholarship Program

By providing financial assistance to young, less-privileged Deaf learners, they are secured with an academic future, enabling them to reach […]

Dream Program

Revolves around the use of sports to educate, inspire and educate young Deaf individuals and further enhance their physical well-being.

Hearing Parents of the Deaf Kid Support &SEED Scholarship Program

Launched 2 new programs: Hearing Parents of the Deaf Kid Support Program – The program offers a family-centered approach services […]

Live Program

Launched the Learning thru Interactive Visual Education or LIVE Program, which aims at enhancing young Deaf learners’ Math and English […]

Sign Language DEAFined Program

Launched the Sign Language DEAFined Program, which is an initiative that is geared towards encouraging the active involvement of the […]

DREAM Program

Launched the Deaf Recreational Engagement Activity Movement or DREAM Program, which is an NMSC initiative that revolves around the use […]