August 20, 2015, Baguio City — NMS Cares Inc., through a partnership with the University of Baguio, is due to wrap up week 2 of its first wave of free sign language classes and After-School IT classes for young Deaf students that were successfully launched last August 10 and 11.


A deafining moment for NMSC

NMSC stays true to its vision of helping Deaf children reach their dreams by driving family members of the Deaf and interested individuals to its University of Baguio classroom for free sign classes.


The Sign Language DEAFined program is the organization’s flagship initiative to encourage the active involvement of families with Deaf children and the general community in providing services for the Deaf. As NMSC strive to continue to raise awareness, Sign Language DEAFined is considered as the organization’s core program as it also aims in giving local service providers sign language classes and help them understand that sign language is at the core of Deaf people’s lives, as it makes accessibility for Deaf people possible. Currently, the free classes being held at the University of Baguio consist of Basic to Advanced lessons, spearheaded by NMSC’s team of professional Deaf trainers.


Program Manager Ember Palma during the orientation at the start of the classes was quoted as saying that the program would benefit the Deaf community locally and that by getting more people interested to learn sign language, we are in fact turning our city into a Deaf-friendly community.


Also present during the opening classes to welcome NMSC’s first wave of sign students were NMS Cares founder Martin Eyking and his wife Chloe, who encouraged the students and thanked them for taking part of the organization’s initiatives.



The free Sign Language DEAFined Program classes being held at the University of Baguio runs from Monday to Saturday, with different time slots to accommodate the availability of its attendees who consist of a mixed group of family members of the deaf, university students, professionals, academics, health workers, and individuals who aim to add to their skill-set and hopefully become of service to the Deaf community.


Computer classes for the Deaf is a go

The NMSC team has finally rounded up all its Deaf education enhancement drive with the launch of the After-School IT Program on August 10. As a way to keep up with today’s digital age, young Deaf learners are given the opportunity of enhancing their computer literacy skills with a program customized for Deaf learners.



The lessons within the program consist primarily of competencies that a student must achieve in order to gain computer literacy and skilful mastery of various computer functions and features. Through technical and hands-on application, students are expected to learn how to navigate through a desktop computer, gain understanding of its operating system and perform functions using word processing, spreadsheet and multimedia software.


The After-School IT program is a 3-year in the making initiative that was one of the original programs that NMSC founder Martin Eyking, has long wanted to offer to young Deaf individuals in the local community.


NMSC is grateful for the help of SM City Baguio, through Mr. Bruce Silverman, who donated computer units to be used solely for the program and University of Baguio, who provided the free classroom through a partnership, that secured the venue for the classes.


The After-School IT Program runs three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) at 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM and is being attended by young deaf students from the San Lorenzo Ruiz Deaf Center, Easter College – SPED HI Department, and hopefully soon students from the Baguio School for the Deaf.



For inquiries on all NMSC programs, please SMS/Call 0917-5195380 or email us at